Instantly becomes the centre of attention in any space!

Cedarworx transform your yard into an oasis with furnishings that are designed to amaze your guests with products that are tried and tested to withstand the harsh Canadian weather.

Our cedar products range from patio furniture to swing sets crafted to endure many years to come. Western Red Cedar has fibers that contain oils that act as a natural presevative to help the wood from rotting and decaying. Naturally occurring organic compounds give off that richly distinct cedar aroma that smells appealing to humans but makes the wood highly unattractive to insects moths and other pests. This makes Western Red Cedar the #1 choice for wood furnishing for mosit and humid climates. Western Red Cedar is also incredibly thermal co-efficient, which means that on hot days the product remains cool making it comfortable to sit in.

Western Red Cedar is also bacterial and fungal resistance and has 80% of the strenght that oak, does, yet it is remarkably light to carry.

When it comes to exterior wood product, Cedar Worx offers only the best. Its that simple!


But Cedarworx does not stop at Cedar Products.

Our Live Edge dining tables instantly become the center of attention in any space. Each tabletop shares similar measurements and shows off the unique character of the single hardwood slab it was cut from. Most slab are cut from 50-80 year old trees, therefore these lustrious pieces of art are tables that will last for many years to come.

We consider each piece or wood as a work of art and as such, each table top is carefully hand finished using up to 7 coats of finish, each coat is left to dry for 24-48 hour and sanded using fine 400 grit sand paper between coats, to enhance the unique beauty of each slab.

Although the finish takes 30-90 days to fully cure, the first 7 days are the most critial, therefore it is recommended that the room be kept above 70 degrees, if possiable.

After the finishing process has been completed, tables tops become mold-resistant and safe from coffee, wine, and tea stains, finished in here in Canada.

If you prefer, we will ship only the designer Polished Stainless Steel Tables Base as some customers wish to use theie own table tops.

When it comes to interior live wood products, Cedar Worx offers only the finest. Its that simple!



Life happens. That’s why our products are finished with low-maintenance finishes that don’t need to be waxed, polished, or maintained. Simply dust them, or wipe them clean with the recommended Wood Surface Cleaner using a cloth and allow to dry.

A few more tips:

  • Dust your table top with a damp cloth. Use long strokes following the grain to avoid streaks.

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners.

  • Do not scrub the wood aggressively, as this may damage the finish.

  • Avoid polishes, oils, and all solvents as these may also damage the finish as well.


Western Red Cedar products are sold as "Assemble-Yourself-Products" and how you decide to finish your new purchase will determine the woods beauty. Please refer to our FAQ's regarding

- How do I stain/finish my furniture?

- Do I have to stain my furniture. or can I leave it natural?
- What is the Interior Tung Oil Finishing System?

Alternatively when it comes to our exterior products, we offer our customers "Ready Finished" exterior products which are masterfully crafted, fully assembled, fully sanded, finished with a perfect finishing solution the same way we do for our interior products.

Our finish showcases and enhances the natural beauty of the wood while providing lasting, durable protection. This one-of-a-kind finish has been used since 1910, and is still made by hand according to the original formula for outdoor use.

This unique blend "locks out water.” Therefore, this system is the perfect solution for any and all exterior wood finishing project(s) that sit in harmful elements like moisture, direct ultraviolet rays, salt and fresh water.

Whether the Tung Oil Finish needs to be applied to Exterior or Interior wood products, Cedar Worx will ensure that the right finish is applied to achieve maximum results.

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